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RC - Runs Created by a Batter.  A (I hope) thorough description of my Runs Created formula can be found in my blog.  This metric is adjusted by season and ball park, and, it is hoped and intended, that a direct comparison of current and past players.

DefRP - Defensive Runs Prevented.  If this number is positive, the player has prevented runs for his team vs. the league average. Information for how the metric is calculated can be found in my blog.


Tot - RC + DefRP


Outs - Outs a player has made including double plays and sacrifices.  (At Bats - Hits + Double Plays + Sacrifice Hits + Sacrifice flies)

RPG - Tot/Outs multiplied by 3.  Three is used because the average player makes 3 outs per game.  I admit that this metric might need some work.

aIP - Adjusted Innings Pitched  - Each ball hit in play by a pitcher is given a fraction value as an out based on average defense, and each strikeout is credited as an out. 

Runs - The higher the value of this metric, the greater the pitcher's value to his team, and possibly should be listed as Runs Prevented.  This metric is partially adusted by season, but is not directly comparable in the way I think and hope my RC metric is.


Tot - Runs (from above) + Batting Runs Created (RC) + Fielding Runs Prevented (DefRP)



R/IP:  This is an adjusted rating that directly compares a Pitcher’s runs per inning to a batter’s runs per inning.  A pitcher who has a R/IP of .6 in 162 innings is exactly as valuable as a batter with .6 RPO in 162 games. (if I have done my math right.)


TE:  This stat includes a pitcher’s fielding and batting.  TE between AL and NL pitchers is not a fair comparison after 1973 when the DH rule came in.


adjIP – This is the amount of innings pitched a pitcher would have pitched in in front of an average defense for the season he pitched in in an average ball park.  If the league Outs per Inning Pitched for a season were .7 a pitcher would be credited for .7 or an out for each ball put in play an 1 out for each strikeout. 


pR- Pitching Runs is adjIP*R/IP and should be exactly equivalent to RC for batters.  (If I have done my math right)


oR – Other Runs = a pitcher’s batting runs, fielding runs and pitching runs (pR).

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